Calendar of Activities

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Proposed Schedule - 2011/2012




Jul-Oct 2011



  • Collaboration tools
  • Preliminary Evaluation Framework

October 31, 2011

First Draft of the Evaluation Framework


1 – Set of Case Studies

2 – Evaluation criteria for the CS

3 – Data sets for testing

Nov 2011 -
Jan 2012


Continuous iterations of the First Draft

Jan 15, 2012

ETUR 2012 Special Session Proposal

The special session focus will be on the evaluation of techniques using the framework

Jan 31, 2012

First Version of the Evaluation Framework

The set of case studies, their respective evaluation criteria and data sets will be deemed as “frozen” until Fusion 2012, and will be the official framework considered for papers on evaluation of techniques to be presented in the ETUR Special Session of Fusion 2012.

Feb 2012

Call for Papers of ETUR 2012

CFP of the special session. It will explicitly emphasize that papers should be about research leveraging the evaluation framework. Precise date to be determined according to the ISIF chronogram.

Jul 2012

ETUR 2012 Special Session

Presentation of papers and panel discussion

WG Report

Focus on the preliminary results of the framework and on the processes followed by the group to achieve it.

ETUR First F2F meeting

Presentation of the preliminary results, lessons learned, and planning for the next spiral of the process.